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Justin and Sara

Sara Nelson is a small town girl about to graduate from high school. She is content with her quiet life until she meets Justin, a young adult who is new to town. Their first exchange involves a series of insults being tossed back and forth. However, Justin and Sara become embroiled in a love affair that she isn’t ready for. Justin is secretive, manipulative, and has a tendency to be violent. It seems the harder he is to reach the more Sara wants him. By accident, she discovers why Justin is keeping secrets and why he keeps disappearing. Her anguish increases when she discovers that she is pregnant.

Sara has to grow up fast and her simple little life is over. Her attempts to push Justin away are hampered by his insistence that they stay together. Justin’s attempts to change his life to prove his love for Sara are hampered by her protective mother and his vengeful ex-girlfriend. With so many obstacles in the way, Sara wonders if she and Justin will ever find happiness.

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Nothing Else Mattered

What happens when a man’s obsession goes to far?

Ben Greene is living the American dream. He has the wife, the kids, and the good job, but something isn’t right. When he finds himself becoming uncontrollably obsessed by a young woman he bumps into on the street, his life is turned upside down. After another chance encounter, where Ben saves her from being hit by a car, Ben can think of nothing but her. He slowly begins a journey into madness, turning his back on his family as he obsesses over the young woman.

Allowing his dark side to take over, Ben kidnaps the young woman and forces her into a world she wants no part of. He is determined to break her will completely, causing her such fear that she is afraid to speak to anyone but him. But, as Ben forces his will on his victim, secrets from her past begin to emerge that threaten to destroy what is left of her sanity. Ben is forced to come to terms with what he has done. As much as he wants to do the right thing, Ben’s desire to have her turns into a desperate need to have her and he cannot let her go.

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